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 Isfahan University of Technology (IUT)
 An Introduction , History and Location

 Isfahan University of Technology is a state university under the supervision of The Ministry of Culture and Higher Education. The original idea of a university of technology in the industrial zone of the country was conceived some thirty five years ago. However, IUT began its academic activities in 1977 with around 800 students in five departments; the enrollment has now grown to 9000 in twelve independent departments. The primary objective of the university was training engineers to run the emerging industrial and agricultural sites throughout the country and the Province of Isfahan. The graduates from IUT have found great and varied opportunities and have played their key roles in a rapidly changing economic and industrial environment.

The University's Mission

  The purpose of Isfahan University of Technology, as an institution of higher learning, is to share in the education of the youth of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the service of its peoples, and in the advancement of Knowledge.

 The university has been dedicated since its foundation, and continues to be dedicated, to the cultivation of high ethical, moral, and spiritual values in accordance with the spirit of the Islamic Revolution. With the long term plans of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards a wider span of higher education, IUT has taken drastic steps in establishing M.Sc. in all and Ph.D. in some fields of Engineering, Sciences and Agriculture as means of attaining scientific self-sufficiency.


Collaboration With Industry

  The University has established close-knit relations with neighboring industries in the form of Cooperation Scheme and Committees. These Committees are the ones who decide on grants to a faculty for research projects. Another facet of these deep-rooted relations is now coming into existence: a joint-venture technology park at IUT, which is now being established within the campus with the financial support from industry. The park is aimed to enhance university-industry cooperation and to develop industry-based research.

 A Training Scheme with industry also makes it possible for students to familiarize themselves with industry and its problems as they get prepared for their future careers.

 Graduate students work with industry through research projects supervised by their advisors or in the form of personal agreements with industry on projects leading to their thesis. Contracts with and grants from the industries across the country have greatly helped postgraduate programs to win recognition on a national scale.

 Industry also offers scholarships to students of IUT, which is a kind of employment prior to graduation.



University Admission


 Admission to IUT, like other state universities in Iran, is given to Iranian applicants who succeed in an entrance-exam held every year. But, foreign students can get their admission through the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Higher Education according to cultural agreements between governments. The university instruction is in Persian language, therefore, foreign students are required to gain a working knowledge of the language before the start of their academic courses.

  In order to gain further information, foreign applicants are recommended to write or refer to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in their country and ask for the application forms.


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